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Today I informed Congress of the Administration’s intent to continue additional targeted U.S. foreign assistance for El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.  This important step will continue to implement the President’s policy goals of decreasing illegal immigration to the United States; implementing the Asylum Cooperative Agreements (ACAs); promoting U.S. national security interests; and providing critical, lifesaving assistance to these countries.

President Trump asked the governments of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras to take responsibility and firm action to help combat illegal immigration to the United States.  As a result of our unprecedented efforts and the response of the governments of our three Central American partners, migrant encounters have decreased 76 percent since the humanitarian and security crisis at the U.S. southern border peaked in May 2019.  Since early 2019, the three Central American governments have signed a combined 14 historic agreements and arrangements with the United States to strengthen cooperation to deter illegal immigration to the United States.  To support further progress, additional targeted Department of State and United States Agency for International Development (USAID) funding will be made available.  This funding will support programs to continue our joint efforts to deter illegal immigration to the United States, complement existing security plans for each government that will assist them as they continue to build stronger asylum systems, and augment private sector efforts to create economic opportunity in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

The United States commends the commitment of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras toward reaching our shared goal of reduced illegal immigration from these countries to the United States.  We look forward to continuing this important work with our partners in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras as we help them build secure and prosperous futures for their citizens at home.


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