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Today, the Department of State, Department of Commerce, Department of Justice, and Department of the Treasury issued an advisory to alert the international community, private sector, and public to the threat posed by Iran’s procurement, development, and proliferation of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

The Advisory informs private industry of key UAV-related components Iran seeks to develop its UAV program and entities involved in the procurement, production, and proliferation of Iranian UAVs.  The Advisory also provides recommendations to exporters, manufacturers, distributors, and financial institutions in implementing effective due diligence and internal controls specifically relevant to Iran’s UAV-related activities to ensure compliance with applicable legal requirements across the entire supply chain and to avoid unintentionally contribute to Iran’s UAV programs.

It is critical that the private sector be vigilant in meeting its legal obligations vis-a-vis Iran’s development of UAVs and associated components procurement and doing its part to prevent any activities that would further the development of Iran’s destabilizing and dangerous UAV program.  Russia is continuing to use Iran-produced UAVs in attacks against civilians and civilian infrastructure in Ukraine.  This advisory is another example of how the United States is working to disrupt and delay the transfers of UAVs from Iran to Russia.

The advisory is available here.

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