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Acting on behalf of the Department of State, the Bureau of Arms Control, Verification and Compliance has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to engage in a public-private partnership with the Quantum Technology Center (QTC) at the University of Maryland. The QTC will supply the Department with technical information and input regarding the latest developments in quantum technologies and the related enabling technologies. It will also facilitate discussions and networking on this emerging technology with other U.S. government and industry partners.

The Department of State plays a key role in advancing the United States’ national and economic security interests regarding critical and emerging technologies. As noted in the National Security Strategy, technology is central to today’s geopolitical competition and critical and emerging technologies will reshape economies, militaries, and the world. To address this challenge, the Department will need to understand the convergence of quantum technologies with other emerging technologies and forecast the global impact as the technology develops and is applied. This partnership will ensure that the Department’s international initiatives are informed by a sound technical understanding of this emerging field. For further information, please visit the Department’s Bureau of Arms Control, Verification, and Compliance web page.

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