Central Asian economies lag behind in STEM fields, and this hinders the economic development and connectivity in the region, which is a major objective of President Trump’s South Asia strategy. Journalists from the five Central Asian states will create products that show the positive impact that innovation and technology have on the U.S. economy. They will tour Silicon Valley to see its impact on the United States and the world. They will also visit a smaller city, where STEM fields have recently had a major impact on the local economy. The products will also show the positive role that private business has and how the U.S. government supports private businesses’ efforts in these fields. Furthermore, the products will show the positive impact that U.S. innovation has worldwide. Surveys in the region have shown that residents of Central Asia, especially youth, are interested these fields and look to the United States as a leader. These products will play on that positive view of the United States to stand as an alternative to the disinformation and negative image of the United States in Central Asia. Furthermore, these products will promote economic development through innovation and technology by encouraging youth to pursue studies in STEM fields.

U.S. Department of State

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