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The U.S. Agency for International Development  is headquartered in Washington, DC and has field offices around the world.

Just as USAID’s Administrator coordinates directly with the Secretary of State, the Press Office supporting USAID is responsible for responding to press and presenting the agency’s mission and message to the American public. To do this, the Press Office coordinates USAID’s press goals and messages, monitors agency-related media, disseminates media coverage to agency staff, and generates proactive agency press activities. In addition, USAID Press coordinates media and press advance for trips, events, and interviews by the Administrator and other principal officers. Overall, the USAID Press Office seeks to promote understanding of the agency and its mission among the media, the development community, and the general public.

U.S. Agency for International Development
Press Office
Ronald Reagan Building
Washington, DC 20523-6100
Tel: (202) 712-4320
Fax: (202) 216-3034

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