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FASTC Video Description

Recorded entirely by a drone on March 3, 2018, this video shows the construction status of the Foreign Affairs Security Training Center (FASTC) through aerial views of various training venues that have been completed or are currently under construction. The video has no narrator or background music.

Video Time Stamps

0:00 – 2:12Completed FASTC hard skills training venues, including:

  • Mock-urban tactical training area
  • Rappel tower
  • Smoke house
  • Static training device pad
  • Tactical maze, interior of the high bay, classroom, and breakroom
  • Explosives demonstration range, viewing shelter, and storage building
  • Live fire shoot house (interior of the high bay)

2:13 – 2:54: FASTC training facilities currently under construction, including:

  • Administrative office building 01 (lobby)
  • Training classroom building 01
  • Vehicle maintenance shop
  • High-speed driving track (east, central, and bridge)
  • Ring road bridge C-300 and C-307
  • Central ammo and explosives storage
  • Post-blast training range
  • Tank trail

4:55 – 6:16: Sites that are being prepared for future FASTC training facilities, including:

  • Fitness center
  • Central Warehouse and Armory
  • Mock Urban Driving Track
  • Sim Alley
  • High-speed driving track (west)
  • Explosives training classroom
  • Indoor/outdoor firing range


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