The United States welcomes today’s flight between Sana’a, Yemen, and Cairo, Egypt, which enables more Yemenis to seek medical care, pursue educational opportunities, and see loved ones from across Egypt’s diverse Yemeni diaspora community.  The United States appreciates the Government of Egypt’s efforts to facilitate these flights, along with the Governments of Yemen and Saudi Arabia.  The United States reiterates its strong support for the efforts of UN Special Envoy Hans Grundberg, and our collective work has resulted in the most significant progress toward peace in years.

While we are encouraged by the resumption of flights from Sana’a and expanded flow of fuel into northern Yemen, there is much more work needed to improve the freedom of movement of people and goods inside Yemen, particularly to the city of Taiz, where hundreds of thousands of Yemenis have suffered for far too long.

The truce has provided tangible relief to Yemenis, improving the lives of millions, demonstrating the benefits of peace, and giving hope that an end to this conflict is possible.  The United States urges all parties to seize this pivotal moment, listen to the demands of the people, maintain support for the truce, and build towards a comprehensive peace process.

U.S. Department of State

The Lessons of 1989: Freedom and Our Future