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In accordance with 18 U.S.C. § 926C(d), a CBP LEOSA Photographic Identification is a:

  1. Separate form of identification that evidences the individual retired or separated as a LEO from CBP or its predecessor agency, and it identifies the person as having been employed as a police officer or law enforcement officer; and
  2. At the time of their retirement, separation or transfer as a LEO from CBP or its predecessor agencies, met the qualifications of LEOSA (see “What is a Qualified Retired Law Enforcement Officer?”).

The CBP LEOSA Photographic Identification satisfies only the identification requirements under LEOSA. It does not grant nor provide the bearer law enforcement powers or authorities; it does not grant the bearer any authority to act on CBP’s or the federal government’s behalf; and it does not, by itself, provide the bearer with any authority to carry a firearm. It is the bearer’s responsibility to ensure he/she meets all LEOSA criteria specified under the Law, as amended and DHS Directive 257-01, Rev 1, and is not “Prohibited by Federal Law from Receiving or Possessing a Firearm” (see “Who is Ineligible Under LEOSA?”)

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