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Graphic with the text "POWER presents the Women Tech Founders Program, in partnership with Google's Women Techmakers"; logos for the Department of State, Women Techmakers, and POWER; and a photo of two women at a laptop.

The U.S. Department of State, through the Providing Opportunities for Women’s Economic Rise (POWER) Initiative, has partnered with Google’s Women Techmakers to host the Women Tech Founders Program. This virtual program will provide women tech entrepreneurs from across the Middle East and North Africa start-up training from Google’s tech and start up experts and help build a network of future tech changemakers in the region.

Program finalists will be selected through a competitive application process that will be open from April 4 to April 30, 2022, with the first program session held on June 7, 2022. The program is targeting women who have launched a tech business within the last two years or are launching a new tech business with acquired seed funding. Fifty finalists will receive training on both tech and business development concepts with the opportunity to gain insights and mentorship from Google’s experts. Sessions will be tailored to participants’ skillsets to enable them to leverage technology to expand their businesses. Interspersed between technical sessions will be community building sessions that allow participants to network and collaborate with other leading women in tech in the region, as well as the United States, and U.S. government officials. All program sessions will be virtual and will be conducted in English.

Applications are open April 4 until April 30, 2022. Apply through the Google Form Application.

Also visit the Women Tech Founders Program Google Events Page.

About Google Women Techmakers

Women Techmakers is dedicated to helping all women thrive in tech through community, visibility and resources. Our Women Techmakers community is made up of more than 200,000 women across 190 countries with 900 Ambassadors committed to sustaining gender equity in tech. Our vision is to build economic opportunity for women through technology. Learn more about Women Techmakers.

About the POWER Initiative

Providing Opportunities for Women’s Economic Rise (POWER) Initiative works with the private sector and utilizes diplomatic resources in support of women’s economic participation. Led by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs, POWER has reached women in over 30 countries and engaged dozens of U.S. private sector entities. Learn more about the POWER Initiative.

Application Process

Applicants should apply via the Google Form (see above). Applications will open April 4, 2022 and close April 30, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Finalists will be announced in May 2022.


Selected finalists will be invited to participate in training sessions that will run through the months of June and July. See session dates below:

  • Session 1: June 7, 2022 (Finalists Only)
  • Session 2: June 21, 2022 (Finalists Only)
  • Session 3: July 5, 2022 (Finalists Only)
  • Session 4: July 19, 2022 (Finalists Only)

Key Application Criteria

Applicant must be a woman leading a tech startup with:

  1. A technology-based product
  2. At least acquired seed funding
  3. Some level of market traction with their product/service
  4. Legally registered in the Middle East and North Africa region

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