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Ms. Khady Ndongo (in purple) is a community nutrition volunteer in the Matam region of Senegal. Here she has organized a "Passing on the Gift" ceremony between women in her village and those in a village 7 kilometers away and has presented two goats to a member of a Debbo Galle (competent mothers) Group. Through this process, families that receive livestock through the Feed the Future Senegal Yaajeende project, implemented by a consortium led by NCBA CLUSA, pass on offspring to other targeted families in their community. This allows recipients of a productive asset to assist others as they have been helped and to share resources, thereby encouraging resilience across the community. *Passing on the Gift is a trademark of Heifer International, a Feed the Future Yaajeende consortium partner. Photo by Clement Tardif, Feed the Future Senegal - Yaajeende

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