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DSS has more than 2,500 special agents, security engineering officers, security technical specialists, and diplomatic couriers working and traveling worldwide.

No matter which professional, academic or personal path you have taken in life, you can turn your unique perspectives and law enforcement, technical, or engineering skills into an exciting public service career.

Careers with DSS

Security Engineering Officer Careers (PDF) [5 MB]

Diplomatic Courier Careers (PDF) [8 MB]

Security Technical Specialist Careers (PDF) [5 MB]

Special Agent Careers (PDF) [13 MB]

Internships with the Bureau of Diplomatic Security (PDF) [8 MB]

Careers with the Foreign Affairs Security Training Center (FASTC)

Learn more about the William D. Clarke, Sr., for whom the Clark DS Fellowship is named [98 KB]

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Security Engineering Officers

Security Technical Specialists

Diplomatic Couriers

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