Water is an invaluable resource that we rely on for nearly everything we do.  Reliable access to water underpins health, economic opportunity, and security in every country, and ensuring global access to safe and adequate water for basic needs is now more important than ever.  Climate change is already affecting the world’s water resources and threatens water supplies for health care, agriculture, industry, energy, fisheries, and ecosystems.  In turn, food and energy security, the economy, national security, biodiversity, and human and animal health are at risk.

The United States is committed to helping build a more water-secure world.  We are working with partners around the globe to strengthen water security through improved water management and by restoring and protecting healthy ecosystems to increase resilience to climate change.  Expanding access to safe drinking water and sanitation creates more opportunities for women and girls to find jobs and go to school and helps communities and health care facilities stay safe from infectious disease threats.  On this World Water Day, we recognize the importance of protecting this essential resource, and we celebrate those working to ensure safe water for all.

U.S. Department of State

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